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2in1 Floral Crop Top Set | Girl

2in1 Floral Crop Top Set | Girl

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The following data is for reference only, please choose according to the actual situation of the baby;

Size:52 height: 46-52cm weight: 2-4kg age: 0-1 month

Size:59 height: 52-59cm weight: 3.5-6kg age: 1-3 months

Size:66 height: 59-66cm weight: 6.5-8.5kg age: 3-6 months

Size:73 height: 66-73cm weight: 7-9kg age: 6-9 months

Size:80 height: 70-80cm weight: 8.5-10kg age: 9-18 months

Size:90 height: 78-90cm weight: 9.5-13kg age: 1-2 years old

Size:100 height: 90-100cm weight: 12-16kg age: 2-3 years old

Size: 110 height: 100-110cm weight: 15-18.5kg age: 3-4 years old

Size:120 height: 110-120cm weight: 18.5-22.5kg age: 5-6 years old

Size:130 height: 120-130cm weight: 22.5-28kg age: 6-7 years old

Size:140 height: 130-140cm weight: 28-34kg age: 8-10 years old

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