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O.TWO.O Liquid Blusher Natural Cheek Blusher Face Make Up | Beauty Product

O.TWO.O Liquid Blusher Natural Cheek Blusher Face Make Up | Beauty Product

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Brand Name: O.TWO.O Type: Blush NET WT: 15 grams Advantages: sensitive, natural, long lasting, easy to wear Quantity: 1PCS paleta de blush Size: full size Country/Region: China Benefit: 1 . The texture is very light - so if you accidentally apply too much, you don't have to worry. Its transparency and buildability make it lasting. 2. Perfect amount of natural color - Liquid blush slides easily on the skin and lasts for a long time. It is ideal for mixed textures: powder blush layer, suitable for high impact colors, or first applied to diffusion effects. Go with the light.3.A silky weightless liquid - Creates a natural look, a second layer of skin, and a veil on the skin to create a healthy glow. how to use: a. Add a small amount of liquid blush to the palm of your hand. Apply with your fingertips to create a natural, relaxing effect. b. Enhance color and increase size, layered orgasm or other blush in liquid blush. c. You can wear it under or on the foundation to get a series of effects. d. Don 't twist it. To open, pull the cover straight away. Torsion can cause the enclosed pump to be removed with the lid. To close it securely and ensure that the product does not leak, cover the lid on the pump and turn it clockwise .

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